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Food Dyes That Can Trigger Allergic Reactions

Posted on: 05/13/2011

Due to the magic and wonder of food dyes in the
manufacturing and processing divisions of the food industry, the general
consumer is led through a myriad of intense colors and textures with every trip
to the grocery store. Unknown to that consumer though, many seemingly common
staples we purchase repetitively are “dressed up” to awaken the senses of the
buying public.
Some examples of this, oranges are not
necessarily orange in color when they are picked ripe right of the tree. Many
times food dyes are added to get that beautiful orange sheen. A ripe orange is
actually often shades of gray or splotchy orange in color.
Tomatoes, when picked, can be a cross between
shades of green to different levels of pink. That bright juicy red color though
is often washed on with food dyes…..Read more


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